Important Note We are extending the shutdown of the platform until the 10th of November to allow our customers more time to move off the platform.

Hello fellow gamification enthusiasts,

I have a difficult message to share with you today. Starting 1st September, 2016, we are winding down our gamification platform. We will shut down the service completely by 1st November, 2016.

tldr; If you are already using Playlyfe in production, please get in touch with us before 1st September, 2016. Otherwise, we will be deleting all your data by November 1, 2016.

If you have a sales or support team, are using CRM or performance tracking tool (even MS Excel)—and you want to improve it's adoption, motivate reps and improve knowledge retention—then we have the perfect product for you: Catalyst. Click here to know more about Catalyst.

Why are you doing this?

We've played with the idea of scaling-down or shutting the platform for some weeks now, and it's been a really hard decision to come to. Mainly because we've been building the platform (even before formally establishing a company) for more than 4 years now. Even the current iteration of the platform has seen over 30 months of public usage, and that's a lot of time in today's age.

In that time, we've seen some amazing ideas people have for applying gamification in a lot of areas, from their own organizations to even their kids' everyday lives. We started off with the premise that given enough time, the enthusiasm for gamification would only grow and people would be driven to use the platform for more than just trivial matters. That from they'd grow from casual experimentation to some serious usage. Well, we were not entirely right in that assumption. While we've worked with some stellar companies who used our platform in commercial applications, there haven't been enough of them to justify the cost of keeping our servers running publicly anymore. A side-effect of this was also the recent slew of problems some users faced on our platform, with API calls getting slow and intermittent email or HTTPS issues.

OK, but what happens to me?

Starting 1st September, 2016, we'll restrict the following things:

  • new user sign-ups
  • game creation

What will not change:

  • You will still be able to login to edit your games,
  • the API will still keep running.
  • you can still use the simulator.

In case you are using Playlyfe API in production, or using the auto-generated app, please get in touch with us before 1st September.

We will give you 2 months to migrate your game design to any other platform, or take the game design in-house. After 1st November, 2016, the platform will become offline and all games and all player data will be deleted.

Wait... are you dying?

No! We're doing the exact opposite of dying! Which is also another reason why we've decided to pull the shutter on the public general-purpose platform now. Perhaps it's still too early for an affordable self-service gamification platform to exist, but given our experiences with what people want from a gamification platform, I'm tempted to say that such a platform can't exist, at least not in a sustainable way. But all is not over, as we've been doing some really exciting work in vertical-specific gamification over the last 9 month.

A new beginning

At the end of last year, we started a new product. This served a vertical-specific use-case of improving productivity of sales and support teams. We tied up with some industry enthusiasts and developed the product which we called Catalyst. We demoed the first version of this product to HP Inc. (yes, Hewlett Packard) and the response was extremely encouraging, as the product addressed their actual pain points. In fact, nearly every interested party who got to try the product gave really encouraging feedback about it, and before we knew it, Catalyst evolved into this huge thing of it's own, paralleling the platform's size and showing even better engagement rates.

Q: So, what does Catalyst offer?

Good that you asked!

A Snazzy Leaderboard TV - motivating sales reps via displaying their achievements on a centralized TV in real time

Reviews and Tournaments - Training Quizzes & Periodic Tournaments which helps Sales Reps brush up their product or organizational knowledge consistently

Access Management - Grant access to select data, features based on users, user roles and groups/teams.

Teams Management - Manage complex hierarchy across the organization

Achievements - Drive desired behavior by recognizing (or giving badges, achievements etc.) sales reps on specific behavior based on the rules the manager can set.

Data Upload/Integration with CRM - Can collect data from excel sheet or CRM software

Personalized Dashboard - Based on different performance metrics, Catalyst helps your sales reps identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve over time

Managerial Dashboard - Helps manager to get a top level view of the company's performance and enables him to focus on data based coaching and training needed to boost sales performance.

Discussion Forum - Helps connect sales reps with their peers and gain knowledge from the network.

Since Catalyst picked up a good level of interest, we've never looked back. So, if you have a Sales or Support team and want to keep your employees motivated and delighted, we have a fantastic product for you! Just write to us at, and we'll setup a demo specially for you. Oh, and we've kept Catalyst in a semi-stealth mode for the time being, so you don't wonder if you can't find it online yet. Just drop us a mail if you're interested :)

In conclusion, I have to say that we learnt a lot from building the platform, and it was a really great experience. We know that many of you have enjoyed Playlyfe, and we're lucky to have served you for so long. I thank you for your support and for using the Playlyfe Platform.

To a better tomorrow!

Johny Jose
CEO & Co-Founder, Playlyfe