We've been extremely quiet over the last 6 months, especially on the blog, and I'm sure you're wondering what's been going on?

Well, here we are, with some great news for you! Presenting, Playlyfe v2.0: The Latest and Greatest, Yet. OK, hyperbole aside, the following is a gist of the update:

As you, and many more of our awesome users started making games on Playlyfe, they frequently ran into situations where a feature which they wanted was not on the platform. And to bring those features we started happily hacking away at our platform. But we soon realised that it would be necessary to rework our core to be more extensible.

With this goal in mind, we set upon the task of reimagining how a gamification engine should be like. We've rewritten our core engine from the ground up. We threw out a lot of over-complicated features, and replaced them with simpler and more powerful constructs. We have also restructured the entire platform backend architecture into a scalable clustered setup which allows us to quickly scale to meet usage demands.

In short we're now better in every possible way.

This rewrite also marks a major milestone for us in terms of stability of our core platform and code base (over 300k lines). We will be focusing more on making the platform more accessible and easy to use going forward. This means more documentation, more blog posts, more activity and less radio silence :)

For all our dear developers, be sure to check out our new API Documentation.

We have also added a bunch of exciting new features that allow you to make better gamified systems with Playlyfe:

  • Improved Design Tools

    The game builder now responds to changes in the game design immediately. Any errors or logical inconsistencies that arise due to a modification of a component (say you're using a metric which you deleted) is now caught immediately on save. You no longer have to wait to simulate a game to actually find design issues allowing you to iterate your game design much faster.

  • Multiple Game Design Versions

    We've also introduced a concept of design versions. Every game contains multiple design versions. Versions allow you experiment with various designs within the same game, having completely different metrics, processes, rules and teams. The ideal use of this feature is when you are still in the testing phase and want to try out multiple game designs in parallel. Design versions allow you to keep your work safe while still being able to experiment.

  • Better Rule Conditions

    We've added the ability to check player scores and use it as a criteria of deciding who can start teams, processes and even to unlock individual tasks within processes. This will allow you to create more complex gamified systems in which gameplay elements remain locked until certain requirements have been met by the player.

  • SSL encryption

    Playlyfe is now completely SSL encrypted. This includes all our API endpoints as well as our websites. SSL encryption ensures that your data remains secure while it is being transmitted from your browser to our servers.

As always, we would love to hear from you. How are you liking the new changes? If you haven't tried our platform yet, check it out now.