The latest update brings several new features to the Playlyfe platform.

Trigger Emails

We've been focusing on improving the user experience of native games. The biggest point of friction we noticed was the need for players to login to playlyfe to take any action within a process.

This can be frustrating, especially if the player has to login several times a day. To simplify this work flow we have introduced Trigger Emails. Your players can now take actions within a process by replying to an email ! The email itself is completely customizable by you.

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Rate Limiting

We've all had to deal with those killer-type players who love to game the system. Playlyfe now lets you stop them dead in their tracks with rate limiting!
Now, you can control the rate at which any task or sub-process within a process can performed . You can use this to create an effective anti-gaming mechanic or to effect scheduled daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

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Scoring Probability

An element of chance can be effective in increasing engagement within a process when used wisely. It adds an element of surprise which can keep your players coming back for more.
Playlyfe now lets you specify the probability with which a player receives points for completing a task.

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Set Metric

We noticed that the badges and tags both shared several common features. We distilled both these commanalities into a more generic, flexible and powerful Set metric. A set is a group of items. You can use these items to represent anything from badges and tags to even inventory items.

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Better User Experience

There's no need to make your players look at the default generic images for processes, teams and metrics anymore. Also, if you are a developer there is no need for you to have to manually manage image resources in your playlyfe games anymore. Playlyfe now lets you completely customize all the images displayed in your game.
This is especially useful to theme native games which have no customized user interface.
We've also revamped the simulator and condensed it into a sleek bar at the top of the page. The rest of the page looks exactly the same as the native game client. This lets you experience immediately how the final native game will look and feel like.