Hi there,

For the past few months, we've been working hard on great new features on the platform, and off it too! In a short time, we've added interesting gamification features in the form of super-flexible Leaderboards for players and teams, Compound Metrics which act as aggregates scores of other point metrcs, and Custom Rules which blow open the few limitations we had put in place and let you specify more powerful rules for your game.

But those announcements have been covered elsewhere, and this one is especially reserved for telling you this:

Today, we have a new addition to the Playlyfe family of websites: The Playlyfe Forum.

Yes, the support e-mail is still there, but the forum is so much more cooler! If you're facing any problem in designing components, in development your app, even for venting off your creative (and not so creative) energy, the Forum is the perfect place for you! You can discuss topics and share your knowledge with other like-minded gamification designers, enthusiasts and new-comers.

And what's more, you can login with your existing Playlyfe account! If you don't have an account yet, register for one now.

Go checkout the Forum at https://forum.playlyfe.com

We invite you to join the conversation.

For the nerds

The forum is based off the awesome Discourse discussion forum.