We have Lift Off!

Playlyfe has been in beta for the better part of a year, since September 2014, gathering as much feedback as we could from our customers. During this time we've grown rapidly supporting a little more than half a million players on our platform. Playlyfe was also recognized among the top 10 universal gamification platforms in the world, which is a huge achievement for us.

We've learned that Gamification is ultimately a problem solving approach. It can be applied to many different use cases and scenarios to drive engagement and change behaviors. The biggest barrier to using gamification today is the sheer difficulty of actually implementing a gamified application. Especially when it needs to start as a simple experiment and later needs to scale up to potentially become an enterprise wide solution.

We have a vision to completely change the current landscape of gamification. That change begins with Developers. Developers are creative problem solvers who can convert amazing ideas into innovative apps that we use everyday. What developers need to build great apps are great tools.

Playlyfe is the best gamification platform built by developers for developers. We are passionate about empowering you to easily design, test, and integrate gamification solutions into your apps.

With our simple 3 phase workflow you can quickly build a completely functional gamification layer for your app. We've introduced a new feature called LyfeAcademy to help you learn the basics of building gamification solutions on Playlyfe. Even if you are not a developer, you might find it surprisingly easy to design and test your entire gamification system on our platform and then hand it off to a capable developer to integrate into your final app.

Once you are satisfied, you can subscribe to one of our starter packs which begins as low as $5 per month. If you need to scale your app, we've got bigger volume plans starting at $249 per month for 1 Million API Requests. You can checkout all our pricing plans here and choose one that fits your needs.

Today, we've reached an important milestone in our journey. To mark a new chapter, we're ripping apart the β symbol which sat near our logo. We are also giving all our new and existing users a $20 worth of free credit to deploy their apps and take them live.

We would also love to hear your feedback. Tweet at us @playlyfe on twitter or write to us at support@playlyfe.com

So what are you waiting for? Have an engagement problem ? Gamify it !!!